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Fresh and relaxing students’ restaurant

The canteen of the University Autonoma de Barcelona located inside the Faculty of Engineering brings the beach spirit close to the students. In this way they have their own spot to unwind after class. The concept is to create the leisure atmosphere of the sea coast and recreate a casual get together with friends having picnic. The colour scheme is a mix of water blue, sand beige and the soft sunlight.

This peaceful picture is painted with the aid of our decors: 4298 Light Atelier to resemble the sea rocks and K006 Amber Urban Oak to reveal the layers of sand. From a more pragmatic point of view these chosen materials are easy to maintain and have high wear resistance. This composition with its matt finish adds gentle touch and softens the light. The tranquillity this ambiance brings helps students learn, socialise and expand their creativity.

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  • Brand: Kronodesign®
  • Location: Spain, Barcelona
  • Category: Public places
  • Year of realization: 2016
  • Architect: Interior Design Studio M3 Interiors from Barcelona
  • Interior designer: Jordi Pastells and Emili Sánchez
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