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Product Group 3
Product 2
Decor Selector 5
Format 6
Thickness 1
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(ft mm)
Thickness (mm in)
K001_70x45_crop_478b24840a K001 PW White Craft Oak      
K080_70x45_crop_478b24840a K080 PW White Coastland Oak      
K349_70x45_crop_478b24840a K349 RT Silk Flow      
K083_70x45_crop_478b24840a K083 SN Light Artwood      
8681_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8681 SU Brilliant White      
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 AG Snow White      
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 AM Snow White      
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 BS Snow White      
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 MG Snow White      
8100_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8100 SM Pearl White      
0110_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0110 SM White      
0101_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0101 PE Front White      
8508_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8508 SN White North Wood      
K088_70x45_crop_478b24840a K088 PW White Nordic Wood      
K010_70x45_crop_478b24840a K010 SN White Loft Pine      
K358_70x45_crop_478b24840a K358 PW Honey Castello Oak      
K360_70x45_crop_478b24840a K360 PW Vintage Harbor Oak      
5501_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5501 SN Slavonia Oak      
K021_70x45_crop_478b24840a K021 SN Barley Blackwood      
K361_70x45_crop_478b24840a K361 PW Gold Harbor Oak      
K086_70x45_crop_478b24840a K086 PW Natural Rockford Hickory      
5527_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5527 SN Stone Oak      
K363_70x45_crop_478b24840a K363 PW Natural Aurora Elm      
7123_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7123 BS Lemon Sorbet      
0134_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0134 BS Sunshine      
AL04_70x45_crop_478b24840a AL04 Brushed Gold      
K365_70x45_crop_478b24840a K365 PW Coast Evoke Oak      
K003_70x45_crop_478b24840a K003 PW Gold Craft Oak      
8534_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8534 BS Rose Pink      
K100_70x45_crop_478b24840a K100 SU Raspberry Pink      
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  1. HPL for all Mirror Gloss (MG) decors is delivered in SQ texture.
  2. LHDF is delivered in texture PE
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