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  1. HPL for all Mirror Gloss (MG) decors is delivered in SQ texture.
  2. LHDF is delivered in texture PE

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(ft mm)
Thickness (mm in)
K349_70x45_crop_478b24840a K349 RT Silk Flow  
K217_70x45_crop_478b24840a K217 GG White Andromeda  
K217_70x45_crop_478b24840a K217 GM White Andromeda  
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 RS Snow White  
K551_70x45_crop_478b24840a K551 SU Calacatta Olympus  
K023_70x45_crop_478b24840a K023 SQ Venato  
K023_70x45_crop_478b24840a K023 SU Venato  
K215_70x45_crop_478b24840a K215 BS White Dunes  
K552_70x45_crop_478b24840a K552 SU White Iceberg Marble  
5527_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5527 FP Stone Oak  
K091_70x45_crop_478b24840a K091 FP Light Porterhouse Oak  
K206_70x45_crop_478b24840a K206 PE Porterhouse Walnut  
K365_70x45_crop_478b24840a K365 FP Coast Evoke Oak  
K003_70x45_crop_478b24840a K003 FP Gold Craft Oak  
K107_70x45_crop_478b24840a K107 FP Elegance Endgrain Oak  
K544_70x45_crop_478b24840a K544 RW Hazel Silverjack Oak  
K535_70x45_crop_478b24840a K535 RW Gold Baroque Oak  
7045_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7045 RS Satin  
K029_70x45_crop_478b24840a K029 SU Linen Block Wood  
K013_70x45_crop_478b24840a K013 SU Sand Artisan Beech  
K209_70x45_crop_478b24840a K209 RS Crema Limestone  
K367_70x45_crop_478b24840a K367 PH Cream Navona  
K212_70x45_crop_478b24840a K212 PA Beige Royal Marble  
K214_70x45_crop_478b24840a K214 RS Light Tivoli  
K105_70x45_crop_478b24840a K105 FP Raw Endgrain Oak  
K545_70x45_crop_478b24840a K545 RW Vintage Silverjack Oak  
K537_70x45_crop_478b24840a K537 RW Ristretto Baroque Oak  
K092_70x45_crop_478b24840a K092 FP Dark Porterhouse Oak  
K213_70x45_crop_478b24840a K213 RS Dark Tivoli  
4298_70x45_crop_478b24840a 4298 UE Light Atelier  
K350_70x45_crop_478b24840a K350 RT Concrete Flow  
K538_70x45_crop_478b24840a K538 PN Dovetail Arosa  
K540_70x45_crop_478b24840a K540 PN Grey Albus  
K352_70x45_crop_478b24840a K352 RT Iron Flow  
K539_70x45_crop_478b24840a K539 PN Fossil Arosa  
4299_70x45_crop_478b24840a 4299 UE Dark Atelier  
K369_70x45_crop_478b24840a K369 PH Cloud Nebula  
K523_70x45_crop_478b24840a K523 PE Platinium Disk  
K002_70x45_crop_478b24840a K002 FP Grey Craft Oak  
K030_70x45_crop_478b24840a K030 SU Java Block Wood  
K095_70x45_crop_478b24840a K095 SU Light Terrazzo Marble  
K028_70x45_crop_478b24840a K028 SU Portland  
K207_70x45_crop_478b24840a K207 RS Grey Galaxy  
K368_70x45_crop_478b24840a K368 PH Grey Atlantic Marble  
K201_70x45_crop_478b24840a K201 RS Dark Grey Concrete  
K204_70x45_crop_478b24840a K204 PE Classic Granite  
K093_70x45_crop_478b24840a K093 SL Grey Emperador Marble  
K200_70x45_crop_478b24840a K200 RS Light Grey Concrete  
K549_70x45_crop_478b24840a K549 SL Sand Venera  
K550_70x45_crop_478b24840a K550 SL Dove Venera  
K536_70x45_crop_478b24840a K536 RW Amber Baroque Oak  
K353_70x45_crop_478b24840a K353 RT Charcoal Flow  
K218_70x45_crop_478b24840a K218 GG Black Andromeda  
K218_70x45_crop_478b24840a K218 GM Black Andromeda  
K016_70x45_crop_478b24840a K016 SU Carbon Marine Wood  
K203_70x45_crop_478b24840a K203 PE Anthracite Granite  
K205_70x45_crop_478b24840a K205 RS Black Concrete  
K210_70x45_crop_478b24840a K210 PE Black Flint  
K553_70x45_crop_478b24840a K553 SU Galaxus  
K351_70x45_crop_478b24840a K351 RT Rusty Flow  
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