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  1. HPL for all Mirror Gloss (MG) decors is delivered in SQ texture.
  2. LHDF is delivered in texture PE

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(ft mm)
Thickness (mm in)
K524_70x45_crop_478b24840a K524 SN Pure Surfside Ash        
K001_70x45_crop_478b24840a K001 PW White Craft Oak        
K080_70x45_crop_478b24840a K080 PW White Coastland Oak        
K349_70x45_crop_478b24840a K349 RT Silk Flow        
K083_70x45_crop_478b24840a K083 SN Light Artwood        
8681_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8681 SU Brilliant White        
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 AF Snow White        
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 AG Snow White        
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 AM Snow White        
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 BS Snow White        
8685_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8685 MG Snow White        
8100_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8100 SM Pearl White        
0110_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0110 SM White        
0101_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0101 PE Front White        
K088_70x45_crop_478b24840a K088 PW White Nordic Wood        
K010_70x45_crop_478b24840a K010 SN White Loft Pine        
K529_70x45_crop_478b24840a K529 HU Gold Hudson Oak        
K358_70x45_crop_478b24840a K358 PW Honey Castello Oak        
K360_70x45_crop_478b24840a K360 PW Vintage Harbor Oak        
5501_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5501 SN Slavonia Oak        
K021_70x45_crop_478b24840a K021 SN Barley Blackwood        
K361_70x45_crop_478b24840a K361 PW Gold Harbor Oak        
K086_70x45_crop_478b24840a K086 PW Natural Rockford Hickory        
5527_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5527 SN Stone Oak        
0134_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0134 BS Sunshine        
K516_70x45_crop_478b24840a K516 SU Toffee        
AL04_70x45_crop_478b24840a AL04 Brushed Gold        
K365_70x45_crop_478b24840a K365 PW Coast Evoke Oak        
K003_70x45_crop_478b24840a K003 PW Gold Craft Oak        
K513_70x45_crop_478b24840a K513 SU Marshmallow        
K512_70x45_crop_478b24840a K512 SU Native Pink        
K515_70x45_crop_478b24840a K515 SU Spice Red        
K085_70x45_crop_478b24840a K085 PW Light Rockford Hickory        
K022_70x45_crop_478b24840a K022 SN Satin Blackwood        
K107_70x45_crop_478b24840a K107 PW Elegance Endgrain Oak        
K357_70x45_crop_478b24840a K357 PW Greige Castello Oak        
K355_70x45_crop_478b24840a K355 PW Platinum Grange Oak        
K543_70x45_crop_478b24840a K543 SN Sand Barbera Oak        
K525_70x45_crop_478b24840a K525 SN Blonde Surfside Ash        
K544_70x45_crop_478b24840a K544 RW Hazel Silverjack Oak        
K535_70x45_crop_478b24840a K535 RW Gold Baroque Oak        
K541_70x45_crop_478b24840a K541 PN Greige Tessea        
K542_70x45_crop_478b24840a K542 PN Mocha Tessea        
0564_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0564 PE Almond        
7031_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7031 BS Crème        
0514_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0514 AG Ivory        
0514_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0514 PE Ivory        
5982_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5982 BS Mussel        
0522_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0522 PE Beige        
0515_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0515 PE Sand        
7045_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7045 AF Satin        
7045_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7045 AG Satin        
7045_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7045 AM Satin        
7045_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7045 MG Satin        
7045_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7045 SU Satin        
5981_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5981 AF Cashmere        
5981_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5981 BS Cashmere        
5981_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5981 MG Cashmere        
5529_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5529 SN Oregon        
K017_70x45_crop_478b24840a K017 PW Blonde Liberty Elm        
K081_70x45_crop_478b24840a K081 PW Satin Coastland Oak        
K012_70x45_crop_478b24840a K012 SU Pearl Artisan Beech        
8921_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8921 BS Ferrara Oak        
1715_70x45_crop_478b24840a 1715 BS Birch        
0375_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0375 BS Maple        
8995_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8995 SN Coco Bolo        
8431_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8431 SN Fine Oak        
K013_70x45_crop_478b24840a K013 SU Sand Artisan Beech        
K076_70x45_crop_478b24840a K076 PW Sand Expressive Oak        
3025_70x45_crop_478b24840a 3025 SN Light Vintage Oak        
K006_70x45_crop_478b24840a K006 PW Amber Urban Oak        
5500_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5500 SU Natural Noble Elm        
K532_70x45_crop_478b24840a K532 AD Flamed Arvadonna Chestnut        
K533_70x45_crop_478b24840a K533 AD Mink Arvadonna Chestnut        
K527_70x45_crop_478b24840a K527 HU Biscotti Hudson Oak        
K554_70x45_crop_478b24840a K554 HU Chocolate Hudson Oak        
K105_70x45_crop_478b24840a K105 PW Raw Endgrain Oak        
K356_70x45_crop_478b24840a K356 PW Sand Grange Oak        
K545_70x45_crop_478b24840a K545 RW Vintage Silverjack Oak        
K546_70x45_crop_478b24840a K546 RW Caramel Franklin Walnut        
K087_70x45_crop_478b24840a K087 PW Dark Rockford Hickory        
K548_70x45_crop_478b24840a K548 RW Smoked Kala Ash        
K354_70x45_crop_478b24840a K354 PW Colonial Grange Oak        
K547_70x45_crop_478b24840a K547 RW Tobacco Franklin Walnut        
K537_70x45_crop_478b24840a K537 PN Ristretto Baroque Oak        
8533_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8533 BS Macchiato        
0301_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0301 SU Cappuccino        
K096_70x45_crop_478b24840a K096 AF Clay Grey        
K096_70x45_crop_478b24840a K096 SU Clay Grey        
7166_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7166 BS Latté        
7181_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7181 BS Dark Chocolate        
AL06_70x45_crop_478b24840a AL06 Brushed Bronze        
AL08_70x45_crop_478b24840a AL08 Brushed Titan        
K005_70x45_crop_478b24840a K005 PW Oyster Urban Oak        
5194_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5194 SN Oxide Vintage Oak        
K007_70x45_crop_478b24840a K007 PW Coffee Urban Oak        
K366_70x45_crop_478b24840a K366 PW Fossil Evoke Oak        
9614_70x45_crop_478b24840a 9614 BS Alpine Walnut        
K008_70x45_crop_478b24840a K008 PW Light Select Walnut        
K004_70x45_crop_478b24840a K004 PW Tobacco Craft Oak        
K009_70x45_crop_478b24840a K009 PW Dark Select Walnut        
8953_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8953 SU Tiepolo Walnut        
K015_70x45_crop_478b24840a K015 PW Vintage Marine Wood        
K082_70x45_crop_478b24840a K082 PW Bourbon Oak        
K020_70x45_crop_478b24840a K020 PW Fireside Select Walnut        
0729_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0729 BS Walnut        
K090_70x45_crop_478b24840a K090 PW Bronze Expressive Oak        
7648_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7648 SN Vintage Wenge        
0854_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0854 BS Wenge        
8548_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8548 SN Fineline Mocca        
9763_70x45_crop_478b24840a 9763 BS Louisiana Wenge        
K531_70x45_crop_478b24840a K531 AD Stone Arvadonna Chestnut        
K528_70x45_crop_478b24840a K528 HU Cashmere Hudson Oak        
K084_70x45_crop_478b24840a K084 SN Dark Artwood        
4298_70x45_crop_478b24840a 4298 SU Light Atelier        
K350_70x45_crop_478b24840a K350 RT Concrete Flow        
K538_70x45_crop_478b24840a K538 PN Dovetail Arosa        
K540_70x45_crop_478b24840a K540 PN Grey Albus        
K352_70x45_crop_478b24840a K352 RT Iron Flow        
K539_70x45_crop_478b24840a K539 PN Fossil Arosa        
4299_70x45_crop_478b24840a 4299 SU Dark Atelier        
0191_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0191 MG Cool Grey        
0191_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0191 SU Cool Grey        
0112_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0112 AF Stone Grey        
0112_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0112 AG Stone Grey        
0112_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0112 AM Stone Grey        
0112_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0112 PE Stone Grey        
0540_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0540 PE Manhattan Grey        
1700_70x45_crop_478b24840a 1700 PE Steel Grey        
K522_70x45_crop_478b24840a K522 PE Aluminium Flash        
0197_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0197 SU Chinchilla Grey        
K519_70x45_crop_478b24840a K519 SU Mouse Grey        
K523_70x45_crop_478b24840a K523 PE Platinium Disk        
0171_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0171 AF Slate Grey        
0171_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0171 MG Slate Grey        
0171_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0171 PE Slate Grey        
6299_70x45_crop_478b24840a 6299 AF Cobalt Grey        
6299_70x45_crop_478b24840a 6299 AM Cobalt Grey        
6299_70x45_crop_478b24840a 6299 BS Cobalt Grey        
0162_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0162 AF Graphite Grey        
0162_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0162 PE Graphite Grey        
0164_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0164 AG Anthracite        
0164_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0164 AM Anthracite        
0164_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0164 PE Anthracite        
0166_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0166 AF Basalt        
0166_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0166 BS Basalt        
0166_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0166 UM Basalt        
AL01_70x45_crop_478b24840a AL01 Brushed Aluminium        
AL03_70x45_crop_478b24840a AL03 Brushed Inox        
K019_70x45_crop_478b24840a K019 PW Silver Liberty Elm        
K002_70x45_crop_478b24840a K002 PW Grey Craft Oak        
K079_70x45_crop_478b24840a K079 PW Grey Clubhouse Oak        
K089_70x45_crop_478b24840a K089 PW Grey Nordic Wood        
K018_70x45_crop_478b24840a K018 PW Smoked Liberty Elm        
K530_70x45_crop_478b24840a K530 HU Amaretto Hudson Oak        
K536_70x45_crop_478b24840a K536 RW Amber Baroque Oak        
0132_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0132 BS Orange        
K514_70x45_crop_478b24840a K514 SU Deep Sahara        
AL05_70x45_crop_478b24840a AL05 Brushed Copper        
K534_70x45_crop_478b24840a K534 AD Charcoal Arvadonna Chestnut        
K526_70x45_crop_478b24840a K526 SN Iron Surfside Ash        
K353_70x45_crop_478b24840a K353 RT Charcoal Flow        
0190_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0190 AF Black        
0190_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0190 AG Black        
0190_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0190 AM Black        
0190_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0190 MG Black        
0190_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0190 PE Black        
K016_70x45_crop_478b24840a K016 PW Carbon Marine Wood        
7063_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7063 SU Pastel Green        
7190_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7190 BS Mamba Green        
9561_70x45_crop_478b24840a 9561 BS Oxide Green        
K521_70x45_crop_478b24840a K521 SU Smoke Green        
K521_70x45_crop_478b24840a K521 UM Smoke Green        
0244_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0244 AF Petrol        
0244_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0244 SU Petrol        
K520_70x45_crop_478b24840a K520 SU Dark Emerald        
K518_70x45_crop_478b24840a K518 SU Surf Blue        
K517_70x45_crop_478b24840a K517 SU Azure Blue        
0125_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0125 BS Royal Blue        
5994_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5994 SU Alby Blue        
5994_70x45_crop_478b24840a 5994 UM Alby Blue        
8984_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8984 AF Navy Blue        
8984_70x45_crop_478b24840a 8984 BS Navy Blue        
K097_70x45_crop_478b24840a K097 SU Dusk Blue        
K097_70x45_crop_478b24840a K097 UM Dusk Blue        
K359_70x45_crop_478b24840a K359 PW Brandy Castello Oak        
K351_70x45_crop_478b24840a K351 RT Rusty Flow        
7113_70x45_crop_478b24840a 7113 BS Chilli Red        
K098_70x45_crop_478b24840a K098 SU Ceramic Red        
K098_70x45_crop_478b24840a K098 UM Ceramic Red        
9551_70x45_crop_478b24840a 9551 BS Oxide Red        
0381_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0381 BS Classic Beech        
1912_70x45_crop_478b24840a 1912 BS Alder        
0344_70x45_crop_478b24840a 0344 BS Cherry        
K078_70x45_crop_478b24840a K078 PW Dark Riverside Cherry        
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