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Trends 16/17

Trends 16/17

Our new collection Trends 16/17 is the perfect fusion of WOOD, STONE and METAL. It complements the largest Kronospan surface collection Kronodesign with 11 new contemporary wood decors, 6 real brushed metal and 10 worktop designs.

Inspired by all the latest design trends we are proud to launch our 27 new decors in three decor combinations – Nordic, Luxury and Metropolitan.

And, they are all available оn stock NOW!


Trends 16/17

Influenced by the beauty and simplicity of Nordic and Scandinavian design. Muted soft pastel tones, elegant natural timbers. Minimal, functional and beautiful. Nordic is all about natural materials and bright, calm vibes, coziness, appreciate the functionality.


Trends 16/17

With the trend for black and grey timber our minds turned towards the urban feel and shades of a metropolis. Dark monochrome timbers, brushed aluminium and concrete surfaces merge masculine, moody and appealing.


Trends 16/17

Influenced by opulence of marbles, bronze and copper materials luxury basks in abundance. Elegant warm wood grains, sumptuous leather tones and lavish stone. We offer comfort, enjoyment, extravagance, leisure, well-being, high-living!

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