Kronospan Trading SRL

Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu Nr.59
Romania 515800 Sebes, Alba county

Sustainable production

Leading the way in eco-friendly manufacturing

Environment equals responsibility

After more than 100 years of processing timber, we are experts in the efficient use of timber.

We are focusing our environmental care efforts in various aspects of industrial production - using alternative energy sources, striving for a zero-waste economy and producing carbon negative products.

We use low grade wood residues, small & oversized roundwood and recycled wood to produce technically advanced engineered products.

We recycle process waste into our products, or use this to produce carbon-neutral energy for use onsite. When a waste material cannot be used in one of our onsite processes, we seek out recycling opportunities in partnership with other companies.

We constantly monitor our use of water and energy to identify opportunities to reduce consumption, and have invested heavily in processes that generate energy from wood-based carbon neutral fuel.

As a first step in environmental responsibility, we expect everyone to minimise waste. We want to set a standard for cleanliness in our industry and strive to produce as little waste as possible. We expect everyone (employees, customers, suppliers, contractors etc) to contribute to achieve this goal.


Circular Economy

Collect, recycle, reuse – striving for a zero-waste economy

Wood-based panel production is a great way to introduce and maintain the principles of the circular economy. That means we can bring back into production a material that has already been used. We create technological and business environment that allows us to introduce the recycled wood in a wider product portfolio. In the process of sourcing wood in our work, we have established clear priorities: 1st choice - recycled wood; 2nd choice - sawmill residue; 3rd choice - sustainable forestry wood.

Circular Economy Diagram

The production process incorporates a new system of drying wood strands at natural low temperature and making maximum use of recycled wood, thus dramatically reducing CVOCs. The recycled material is cleaned, refined, analyzed and sorted. The rest of the material is used by our biomass cogeneration facilities and fully incorporated into the production process of the factory. In this way all the available material is utilised efficiently. Thanks to newly-built combined heat and power plants we not only cover our own heating needs but more importantly we generate considerable electrical power. So as well as delivering high quality product that is fully recyclable, we can also supply electricity. Through this circular economy concept we use recycled material to create a product that can itself be easily recycled and we also construct an entire technological “ecosystem” that benefits nature and society.


Carbon negative boards

Wood is renewable. Wood is reusable. Wood is a CO2 store.

Wood is our main source material. Its esthetic and physical features are widely known and acknowledged. Wood is also an important part of a long and efficient process of recycling and reusing - for end products and green energy. That makes its lifecycle CO2 negative. If grown and used sustainably wood could be one of the solutions on our way to a more efficient and environmentally friendly industrial production and economy. Efficient use and reuse of wood is one of the most essential daily tasks that we at Kronospan are dedicated to do. Wood as a construction material has several advantages compared to concrete and steel:

  • wood acts as a CO2 store and has a carbon negative footprint
  • wood is a sustainable material
  • wood is reusable and promotes the circular economy
  • wood has a combination of strength and lightness and posesses insulating properties

Clean and efficient power

Superior technology for a better environment

We incorporate all of our additional processes and activities involving environmental activities alternative sources of energy, replacement of fossil fuel based engines with electrical ones. Our commitment is to replace our need of fossil fuels with electricity. To make that happen, we are intensively replacing diesel forklifts with electrical ones.

Replacing diesel trucks with train wagons is also a key element of our strategy to reduce carbon footprint. That requires a constant review and remap of current workflow andlogistical network we operate. We keep investing in better technologies and constantly look for new ways to optimize our production process. This makes our machinery and facilities more efficient using less energy and reducing waste.

We use solar, wind and combined heat and power plants to generate green electricity and continuously invest in new, more efficient equipment and machinery.

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