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Creative room

The idea behind the ‘Creative Room’ project is to stimulate the students, to give more freedom to the educational process and break up with the traditional teaching methodology and push forward the imagination of the students. The aim of this is to make them think laterally become problem solvers and think outside the box. This unorthodox educational system needs to be facilitated by a different spatial organization. This layout is divided in four zones that respond to the creative process of self-learning, idea generation, exploration and team work.

To make this experiment successful it’s not only important to achieve the right architectural scheme, but to create appropriate environment through design, color and material choice. Our materials step in to help this job come alive. The colors are picked based on a thorough research of their impact on the creative process. The indigo color in this case our 8984 Navy Blue clears the thought process and helps students contemplate. The 0134 Sunshine is the much-needed yellow tone that to remove negativity, increase confidence, stimulates creativity and discipline to concentrate on the tasks. The choice of 1700 Steel Grey and 0191 Cool Grey are the neutral shades that soften the composition and help release the tension.

The realization of this project can catalyze many new concepts for the educational system and bring it closer to the intangible aspect of the personal and emotional growth through the breeding of creative habits and practical problem-solving skills.

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  • Brand: Kronodesign®
  • Location: Bulgaria
  • Category: Public places
  • Year of realization: 2015
  • Architect: Think Forward arch. Galina Milkova and Nedko Nikolov
  • Customer: High school „Geo Milev“
  • Photo credits: © Think Forward
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