Research and development – the core of Kronospan’s creative thinking

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Research and development are at the core of what we do at Kronospan. To develop outstanding designs for all our product categories, especially for the decorative range, we need to identify the relevant trends and, most importantly, start with the right material. It is all about finding, treating, and generating the look we are after.

We bring our ideas to life by utilizing various material sourcing methods to convey interest and diversity into our designs. Veneer, commercial artworks and even whole trees are all materials we use.

We place great importance on our creative process, seizing the natural beauty and the fine nuances of the material, its color play and general character. We actively use our carpentry to make ingenious finishes, in some cases quite exotic ones with multiple treatments and layers, and in some cases with minimal handling to get the most authentic look.

Once we capture the magic, the next stage is digitalization – an effective scanning technique, taking a large industrial-size photograph of the chosen materials, making a giant jigsaw puzzle. Then, we try to adjust the appropriate pieces that work together to give us a harmonious, well-balanced pattern.

Constantly striving to outdo ourselves to bring our clients the ultimate tactile and visual experience, we have made significant steps forward in terms of quality and surface finishes. We have developed four new textures through our new Kronodesign® Global Collection 3.0, all featuring the on-trend matt-infused look. Inspired by Mother Nature, we have created the perfect unison of gorgeous timber decors, where synchro texture is embossed to flawlessly match the woodgrain.

Our products are the result of years of research, customer feedback and dedicated work. We are confident that our latest collection is the most comprehensive and definitive on the market today. We give architects and designers the tools they need to dream big and make remarkable furniture projects.

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