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BinylPro - the new organic & rigid water resistant flooring

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The trend towards water resistant floor coverings has been increasing every year. It all started with vinyl flooring. Now we have raised the bar by creating a product that combines the best of both worlds, laminate and waterproof flooring.

With the innovative O.R.C.A. technology (Organic1 Rigid Coreboard Antistatic), we use the exact material we have professionally and very successfully worked with for the last 120 years. The material we know best: Wood! The products that feature O.R.C.A. contain up to 90 % wood from sustainably managed forests. Additionally we use a special organic adhesive, resulting in a core board that is both organic and water resistant2.


O.R.C.A. unites the best qualities of biologically based floors and conventional waterproof floor coverings. In O.R.C.A., organic materials are made resistant to liquids by means of a special technology.

The innovative O.R.C.A. board makes it possible to install BinylPRO even in private bathrooms3 where, until now, only vinyl or tile could be used. In addition, there are its outstanding thermal stability and non-fade properties, thanks to which BinylPRO even looks good in conservatories and rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.


1) Consists of natural wood and an organic chemical binder.

2) 24 h surface water protection as stipulated by NALFA(North American Laminate Floor Association) with additional 100 h+ surface water protection according to works standard specification KRONOSPAN WN-101,

3) please observe installation instructions.

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