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Kronospan partners with McDonald's in a sustainability journey

Monday, 15 April 2024

In an era where sustainability reigns as a paramount concern for businesses worldwide, relationships that prioritize eco-friendly practices mark progress. One such collaboration recently emerged between McDonald's, the global fast-food giant, and Kronospan, a leading manufacturer of carbon-negative wood-based panels.

McDonald's, famed for its global presence and unparalleled reach, has long been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental footprint. Central to this endeavor is the quest for materials that not only meet stringent quality standards, but also align with the company's sustainability goals. Thus, McDonald's sought Kronospan as a partner capable of delivering innovative products that combine the green ethos with operational excellence.

With a portfolio encompassing a wide array of wood-based boards, Kronospan is renowned for its dedication to eco-friendly practices throughout its value chain. From responsibly sourced raw materials to energy-efficient manufacturing processes, the company exemplifies the principles of circular economy in action.


The recent announcement of Kronospan's designation as an official supplier to McDonald's represents a natural convergence of shared ethics and mutual objectives. At the heart of this collaboration lies the selection of Kronospan's HPL 0.8 mm designs, hailed as the perfect solution for surfaces demanding enhanced durability and impact resistance. Whether adorning vertical applications like doors and wall panels or gracing horizontal spaces such as tabletops or countertops, Kronospan's offerings promise to elevate the aesthetic appeal while staying true to green methods.

Kronospan an official supplier to McDonald's

The significance of this partnership was further underscored by Kronospan taking part in the prestigious McDonald's Worldwide Convention, an event that brings together stakeholders from across the globe to celebrate collective achievements and chart a course for the future. With over 14,000 attendees, including franchisees, suppliers, crew members, and employees, this year's convention, held for the first time in Europe in Barcelona, Spain, marked a milestone in the longstanding tradition dating back to 1965.

Delivering innovative products that combine the green ethos with operational excellence

For McDonald's, the convention serves as a platform to showcase its diverse strengths, celebrate successes, and reaffirm its commitment to making a positive impact in local communities. By welcoming Kronospan into this esteemed gathering, both companies not only acknowledge the pivotal role of sustainable cooperation but also emphasize the importance of collective action in driving meaningful change.

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