Kronospan Trading SRL

Str. Mihail Kogalniceanu Nr.59
Romania 515800 Sebes, Alba county

Collecting, Recycling, Reusing

Monday, 11 October 2021

We have been working with wood and making wood-based products for more than 120 years.

Our profound sense of responsibility to protect the environment starts with wood. We are dedicated to its efficient use and repurpose and we are committed to optimizing our processes.

Striving for а zero-waste economy

In order to conserve natural resources we make the best possible use of wood.

We extend its lifecycle and lock-in carbon for the lifetime of the product, making panels designed to be part of beautiful interiors and cozy homes, and to give new life to materials already used.

By using recycled materials like old furniture and by-products from the sawmill industry, we contribute to the circular economy. We have created a technological environment that allows us to introduce recycled wood in a wider product portfolio. We have established three clear priorities when sourcing wood: 1st choice - recycled wood; 2nd choice - sawmill residue; 3rd choice - sustainable forestry wood. We specialize in the use of recycled wood, and only where this is not possible, we use timber from sustainably grown forests. Wood residues not suitable for recycling, are turned into heat and power not just for our own factories but for local communities as well.

Last year we used more than 3 million tons of recycled wood which saves the equivalent of 6 million trees.

Collecting, Recycling, Reusing

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