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Clean and efficient power

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

At Kronospan, we are taking the lead to highlight how critical embracing clean and sustainable energy is for future generations. We use solar, wind and combined heat and power plants to generate green electricity.

Renewable energy production.

Generating our own sustainable, carbon negative and future proof energy

Over the past 10 years, we have started to shift away from natural gas as a source of heat and power in our plants to biomass-fueled processes. These generate heat, which also offers great energy potential. Thanks to the combined heat and power plants, we not only cover our own heating needs but more importantly, we generate considerable electrical power.

A great example for that is our plant in Sanem, Luxembourg, where we are not only delivering high quality product that is fully recyclable, but we can also supply electricity.

We are also generating renewable electricity in two wind farms in Scotland and Germany and take a big step further with our photovoltaic systems operating in our sites in Italy ( Ponterosso ), Luxembourg ( Sanem ), Germany ( Paderborn ) and Spain ( Burgos and Salas De Los Infantes ).

Sustainability and circularity will always be key innovation drivers in our industry and therefore we will continue to invest in these areas. We have planned installation of solar panels in more than ten production sites across the world.

Last year the combined heat and power plants in Sanem, Luxembourg generated more than 216 GWh of green energy, enough to power 60 000 households.*

*Based on the average consumption of 4000 kWh / year of an EU 4-person household. (Eurostat; Statista)

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