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Carbon negative products

Monday, 12 April 2021

Wood is at the heart of our business since its formation in 1897.

It is our main source material with aesthetic and physical features that are widely known and undisputed. As a sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly building material, wood helps to keep carbon out of the atmosphere and stores up to one ton CO2 per m3 over its whole life span.

Wood is also an important part of a long and efficient process of recycling and reusing - for wood-based panels and even green energy. That makes its lifecycle CO2 negative.

Driven by our sustainability pillars, affecting what we make and how we make it, we are proud to deliver products with a negative carbon footprint.

We efficiently extend the lifecycle of the wood by turning it into a building or furniture material that could be recycled and used further. The use and reuse of wood is an essential daily task that we at Kronospan are dedicated to. Sourcing recycled and sustainably grown wood is a big step towards a greener industry and economy, as well as contributing to climate protection.

Carbon negative products


Carbon negative products

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