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36 000 m² of solar panels for Kronospan plants in Spain

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Kronospan is realizing one of the largest self-consumption projects in Spain.

We are relying on one of the leading companies in the Spanish electricity sector – Endesa X that is simultaneously building two photovoltaic self-consumption facilities at our plants in Burgos and Salas de los Infantes, which will have a total capacity of 7.4 MWp.

Around 16,500 PV modules have been installed over an area of 36,000 m2 - equivalent in size to five football pitches. They will generate 9,2 GWh/year of clean energy and provide a relevant part of the energy required for the production processes with a clean and renewable energy source.

Almost 100% of the output of these facilities will be consumed internally, resulting in a 5% reduction in the current electrical grid consumption.

Thanks to the commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, we will succeed in making a qualitative leap together with Endesa X and join the energy revolution, by reducing our carbon footprint by around 3,200 tons of CO₂/year, equivalent to planting 282,000 trees/year.

36 000 m2 of solar panels for Kronospan plants in Spain

36 000 m2 of solar panels for Kronospan plants in Spain

Endesa X officials visiting Kronospan plant in Burgos, Spain. Gloria Biffi - Electronical Maintenance Manager, Kronospan Spain; Ricardo Muñoz De La Fuente - director of Distributed Energy B2B, Endesa X; Javier Macicior - CEO of Kronospan Spain; Álvaro Otaolaurruchi - head of Head of Companies/B2B, Endesa X; Óscar González - Production Director, Kronospan Burgos; César García Yela - responsible for Empresas/B2B Clients, Endesa X.

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