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K302 PH Urban Stonecrete

Urban Stonecrete is a splendid decor with a lively, travertin look. Its irregular design is scored with small details in grey and beige that look like small hollows. Тhe texture replicates natural cracks and indentations, and gives the decor a velvety, waxy feel. Urban Stonecrete has a cool and balanced character that looks great next to classic wood types.

Decor Type
  • Grey
  • Concrete
  • Decor Collection
  • Worktops Slim Line
  • Worktops Slim Line

    A special selection of 12 mm compact boards with a monochrome core, Slim Line worktops are ideal for upmarket furniture and interior design.


    Interior tops
    Kitchen tops


    Stain resistant
    Easy to clean
    Heat resistant
    Water resistant
    Impact resistant
    Format(mm) 12

    K302 RT; PH Urban Stonecrete


    K302 - Decor Overview

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