Kronospan Italia S.r.l.

Via Bordano 10
33078 San Vito al. Tagliamento (PN)

Global Collection 3.0

Discover our design-leading range of coordinated decorative products, carefully compiled so you can complete any furniture project with quality contemporary boards and matching accessories.
Global Collection 3.0
Kronodesign Global Collection 3.0 is produced across three continents and is available from stock through our express program.
This comprehensive range covers a wide spectrum of products, including
154 MF Board, 68 exclusive Worktops, 24 Avant-garde products and much more.
For over a century, we’ve been producing materials that allow creatives worldwide to achieve extraordinary results. With our latest Global Collection, we believe we are at the cutting edge, providing products that will drive global demand.
Seamless harmony across the range

Carbon negative, climate positive

As a global manufacturer of wood-based panels, we understand that we are responsible for the environment, using advanced technology to extract the highest possible yield from raw materials while having the lowest possible environmental impact.
Driven by our determination for ongoing sustainability and its effect on what we make and how we make it, we are proud to deliver products with a negative carbon footprint, generating our own green power and minimizing waste.
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