Antibacterial surfaces

Bringing beauty and hygiene to your space


The increasing awareness surrounding public health and bacterial borne infections, has led us to test and certify our products and bring you high-quality combined with safety.

Our HPL, Compact boards and Worktops have exceeded the international standard ISO 22196:2011, which measures a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness and the reduction in bacteria over a 24-hour period.


The conducted tests on 2 bacterial species (Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli) and their results confirm that the surface of our materials has the ability to inhibit the growth of microorganisms.


Due to the hygienically sealed and closed surfaces of our products, bacteria and germs are reduced by 99.9 % within 24 hours. This characteristic also prevents their breeding, which makes them suitable for areas subject to high hygiene requirements.

The certified antibacterial surface property of our products is independent of their decor or texture. With our Coordinated solution offering, you can choose matching materials for a consistent and coordinated look in various areas.

* Regular cleaning should be carried out in private and commercial applications. If not, the antibacterial surface can be compromised.

Areas of use


Hygiene and regular housecleaning are essential to good health, especially in our homes. The materials used for our kitchen worktops, splashbacks, frontal furniture elements and flooring have an antibacterial property with no additives that will make you feel safe in any situation.



In addition to the hygiene measures adhered to in the workplace, the surface quality of interior design elements in places where we meet others plays an increasingly important role. The antibacterial qualities and easy to clean surfaces of our products reduce the risk of germs passing between colleagues, visitors and patients.


Public spaces

In public spaces people should be confident that their safety has been managed. The cleanliness in hotels, schools, shopping centres and hospitals is vital in areas of high traffic. Our antibacterial HPL Laminates, Compact boards and flooring come in a variety of decors and offer unlimited design possibilities to architects and designers.


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