SIA Kronospan Riga

Daugavgrivas soseja 7B
LV - 1016 Riga

Industrial loft with a touch of minimalism

The loft studio represents the conversion and reconstruction of a space originally intended for industrial purposes, later transformed into modern housing. This concept connects the rich Slovak industrial history of the 20th century with the contemporary lifestyle and needs of Bratislava.

Števo Polakovič, urban planner and co-founder of the Gutgut Atelier, took care of the design, and VALENT Kitchen Studio implemented the project and the furniture production.

Their residential style highlights the essence of the old building while maintaining its genuine look. The concrete columns and trusts, the metal stairs and the wooden beams are intentionally left exposed, adding to the distinct ambience of the space. The loft is wide and open, with a high ceiling. Therefore, incorporating 0244 Petrol on large enough furniture elements is important to perfectly complement the visual appeal, serving as a defining color throughout the entire layout. Kronospan's emerald blue decor is used as a primary nuance for the kitchen corner and all systems of built-in cabinets. This design solution is beautifully matched with accentuated curtains and window jambs in the same color.

For those looking for an unconventional solution for their home focused on functionality, such a minimalistic design can be an exciting choice that creates a unique and elegant atmosphere.

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  • Brand: Kronodesign®
  • Location: Bratislava
  • Category: Residential facilities
  • Year of realization: 2023
  • Interior designer: Design Studio: Gutgut Atelier
  • Fabricator: Valent Kitchen Studio
  • Photo credits: Wellina
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