Kronospan’s principles

Wood, Perfected

Leading the way

As we say at Kronospan “Nothing is impossible”.

We strive to create mid to long-term value and continuous growth.

An organisation-wide benchmarking system helps us to achieve the necessary technical advances to maintain and improve our standards.



As an expanding business in a dynamic environment, our people are the key to our success

Do something better every day. It takes committed people to do it!

Kronospan is powered by motivated people with brains, heart, guts and loyalty.

We appreciate that thousands of small steps forward produce big results, so we support individual initiatives. Through on the job training, we create a culture that encourages people to do something better every day.

This requires committed people who both recognise and act, seeing a problem as an opportunity. People must be led by their own passion and put things right that are wrong using their own ideas and actions.



Providing excellent quality and service

Fast, flexible, better

At Kronospan, we are close to our people, our service providers, our customers, our suppliers and our contractors.

We foster the development of our people, especially our young people.

We manage our organisation by decentralising whenever possible and centralising only when necessary. This gives a faster, more flexible and - above all - better business.

We maintain strong connections within our decentralised organisation. Centralising some support activities means operating companies’ management teams can concentrate on day-to-day business. This improves quality, service and brings results.



Simplicity is a virtue

A way of life

  • Limit formalities
  • Minimise bureaucracy
  • Find simple solutions

This fosters responsibility, satisfaction and entrepreneurship.



Our driving force

We do not only comply to rules, but also follow the spirit of the rules.

Brains, heart, guts and loyalty

  • Focus on results
  • Close to people
  • Knowledge of details
  • Brains, heart and guts
  • Loyalty

We need people who act the same way at work as they do at home, spending company money and looking after company assets as if they were their own. Following rules alone is not enough. We have to evaluate, take and manage risks, and we can do that better by being closer.


More revenue

We strive to generate more revenue by providing our customers with outstanding service by being:

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Fast

Low cost

Supply quality products at affordable prices

We strive for the lowest cost possible for our final product. As one of the world leaders in technical development in our industry, we aim to get the highest possible yield from our input materials. We meet our defined quality standards for the ultimate benefit of our customers by supplying our products fast and at affordable prices. Our maxim “no fat” allows us to reduce costs even further. 1,000 small steps bring big results.

To maintain this position of cost leadership, we take advantage of synergies and cost-effective technologies.

Good plant design helps us maximise efficiency and minimise costs, reduce emissions and achieve the lowest environmental impact possible.


Vertical integration

Efficient production, product development and innovation

Vertical integration enables Kronospan to lead the way in both cost and innovation. It means we can develop and improve wood-based panels and value added products continuously and cost-effectively.

We create cost advantages throughout the production process. For wood-based panels, we integrate the preliminary stages — such as producing resins or decor paper — into our value chain.

This allows efficient production, product development and innovation.


Asset quality

Advanced, efficient, state-of-the-art

Kronospan operates the latest, most advanced and most efficient production equipment.

We continuously re-invest in state-of-the-art equipment to take full benefit of economies of scale with the aim to minimise input materials, increase efficiency, improve quality, reduce costs, achieve the lowest environmental impact possible, introduce new products; create mid to long-term value.

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Product mix

One-stop shopping

Kronospan has a vast product range, fast delivery times and excellent service.

Customers benefit from the fast supply of the quantities that they require (big or small), at lowest transport costs, in local currency and without language barriers thus allowing higher margins.


Market coverage

Growing with our customers

Expansion into new markets has given Kronospan an excellent market coverage of the European Market in our industry.

We decide on locations carefully, focussing on synergies to grow with our customers. As a result, Kronospan’s locations are rarely more than eight hours drive from any of our customers.

With being close to our customers we can offer the best service possible, reliability and flexibility, while being fast. With market coverage, product mix, innovation and being close to customers, we provide a first class service.



Research and development

Kronospan’s innovation begins with listening to our partners. The creative ideas of both teams and individuals are successfully implemented into actions to develop new and improved business processes, products and services.

Innovation is vital for performance and growth - improving efficiency, quality, our competitive position and market share.



SHE® [Safety, Health, Environment]

Setting the standards

At Kronospan, we set our standards high when it comes to working conditions, safety, health and environment.

Each production unit participates in Kronospan’s risk management procedures, which include safety, health and environment. They also maintain our high standards regarding personal protective equipment for workers, safety devices, sanitary facilities, drinking water and healthcare.


Intellectual property

Managing innovation

Any business that wishes to survive and thrive in today’s economy, must manage innovation better than its competitors.


Corporate governance

Meeting our standards

At Kronospan, we believe that good governance means being clear about roles and responsibilities, as well as following proper procedures.

Our holding companies promote shareholders’ interests by monitoring executive action, planning board and management succession, and considering strategy. They follow Kronospan’s corporate governance rules.

These rules give our management teams clear guidelines. However, following rules is not enough - we must comply with their spirit.

For risk management, Kronospan’s audit function ensures that financial, technical, environmental and social standards are met.
Kronospan operates to and has been certified with DIN EN ISO 9001/2008 [Quality Management System].



Code of Conduct
Kronospan is based on our values as well as business vision and goals. The Code of Conduct includes clear standards of conduct that must be followed by all employees.

Supplier’s Code of Conduct
We also expect our suppliers to share our compliance principles. Through the Code of Conduct for suppliers, our suppliers pledge to comply with applicable laws and other regulations.

Cartel Law regulations
Every Kronospan employee must know and comply with all relevant cartel law stipulations. An in-house Cartel Law Guideline and regular training help ensure proper conduct pursuant to cartel legislation.

Corruption guideline
We are strictly opposed to any kind of active and passive bribery. The Kronospan Management Rules outline clear prohibitions, as well as instructions regarding the handling of any presents or invitations.

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