Every story has its origins, and every creative journey has a starting point. For us, that starting point is nature and its impact on our lives.
The natural world is the driving force behind the unfolding trends decors, because of the way it resonates with all of us, and the importance of having a visual and sensual bond with its colors, textures, and forms.
Each of the four themes in the Trends Origin Stories collection reveals а new personality type with distinctive taste, experience, and materials that shape their environments and affect the way in which they live, think and feel.
The Nomad
The Adaptable
  • The Nomad
  • The Adaptable
  • The Passionate
  • The Optimist

Born travelers, the Nomad picks up on influences as they go. Their homes bear witness to this, featuring objects made that tell a story of their lives on the move.

They favor textures and patterns drawn from nature with a minimal amount of finishing. The Nomads are attracted to the weathered oak finishes and the cross-weave textile effects that remind them of authentic artisan creations.

Cheerfully taking the path of the least resistance, the Adaptable can make the very best of any opportunity. They don’t mind creating multi-functional spaces that seamlessly include an office space without impacting domestic comforts. Muted warm tones, natural materials like wood, textile, and stone, and a soft, hazy ambiance ensure flexible and balanced spaces where they can work, play and relax.

Successful, stylish, and confident enough to speak loud about their lifestyle, attitude, and tastes. The Passionate know what they want and have an abundance of energy they bring to their private and work spaces. This can be seen in the choice of impressively realistic woodgrains mixed with intense colors and powerful, statement stone and metal finishes.

These are the world's early adopters, open-minded persons that want the latest version, the newest technology. They are comfortable being at the front of a trend, and chose cheerful, positive, offbeat decors for the places they inhabit. Our stone surfaces with concrete-like effects interests them, as do the pure and elegant woodgrains, gleaming metallics, and coral-inspired colors.

Trends overview

Discover a range of decors featuring next-level realism. Naturalistic woodgrains, sophisticated marbles, stones and textiles, subtle uni-colors, and four impressive new textures that bring high-value appearance to any project.

Slim Line Worktop
New Textures
Hudson Oak HU
Mimicking the appearance of natural wood by means of the innovative Synchronized Embossing technology, this texture provides realism and beauty that makes the Hudson Oak decors stand out.
Arvadonna Chestnut AD
Three-dimensional, low luster texture with synchronized pores that follow the straight-grained pattern of the Arvadonna Chestnut decors.
Rift Wood RW
Linear texture with matt and gloss areas giving the most diverse wood designs a very authentic feel and high-value appearance.
Pluton PN
A versatile, non-directional texture with a matt effect. It is ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces and enhances the look and feel of textiles, stone, and marble decors.




Matching Top & Front

Design available on both MF Boards and Worktops


Repeat Free Design

No repetition of the design across the full length of the Worktop.


Synchronized Embossing

Texture synchronized with the design

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