Coordinated Solution

Discover the whole range of products, working together to ensure a unique and coordinated identity for your design project.

Defining Spaces

While we develop our designs exclusively, we ensure that our collections include fully coordinated and perfectly matched products. By teaming up with specialists we have already done the hard work for you - delivering the total package of materials for a complete and coordinated interior.

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These products can all work together giving designers, architects and furniture manufacturers the flexibility to combine the materials to produce a cohesive whole and realize their stunning interior projects. They are all available and can be easily accessed across our global distribution channels.

Melamine-Faced Particleboard (MF PB)

Wood-based board constructed by 3 layers of resin-bonded wood chips produced under pressure and heat, covered with a resin-impregnated decorative paper. MF PB is for use in dry conditions, it has high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.

Melamine-Faced MDF (MF MDF)

Formed by covering a Medium Density Fibreboard core with a decorative resin-impregnated paper. The Medium Density Fibreboard is constructed by resin-bonded wood fibres produced under high pressure and heat, and covered with a resin-impregnated decorative paper.


Wood-based particleboard constructed by 3 layers of resin-bonded wood chips, produced under pressure and heat and covered with HPL and post-formed edge strengthened by HDF frieze. The final product has high abrasion, impact and scratch resistance.

2D foil

The 2D foils are special films made of PVC suitable for different processing technologies such as profile wrapping, flat laminating and folding. The surface is lacquer coated which makes it scratch, mark and stain resistant.

3D Foil

The 3D foils are thermoplastic laminates applied as decorative surfacing for lamination to raw MDF material using a thermoforming process. The surface of the 3D foil is coated with a scrub resistant lacquer that protects the material and is used for the manufacturing of furniture components, retail interiors, hospital areas and office spaces.

HPL Edging

HPL edge bands are made of multiple core layers and a decorative resin impregnated paper. They are used for finishing the profiles of worktops, adding a neat finish and durability. HPL edging is perfectly coordinated to other Kronospan decorative products.

ABS / PVC Edging

Edging tape is a thermoplastic edging product used for finishing the profiles of laminated wood-based products, such as particleboards, MDF and HDF, providing the perfect finishing touch of all surfaces. The edging has both protective and decorative properties and is specifically matched to our decors in terms of colour, grain, surface texture and gloss.

Compact Board / Compact Interior

Compact boards are decorative high-pressure structural laminates, suitable for special use in horizontal and vertical applications. The boards are made of multiple core layers and decorative resin-impregnated paper. They are moisture and water resistant, with high durability and resistance.

Lacquered HDF

High density fiberboard with lacquered surface, constructed by resin-bonded wood fibers, produced under high pressure and heat. The product has many applications in interior and furniture design, backboards of cabinet furniture, drawer bases and interior doors production.

High-pressure laminate (HPL)

High pressure laminate is a decorative surface material with special performance properties including high-wear and water resistance. It consists of multiple core layers and a decorative resin-impregnated paper. It is the perfect material for surfaces that require enhanced durability and impact resistance.

The designs from Kronodesign Trends collections are all available on stock and have matching complementary products, perfectly matched in terms of color, wood grain design, surface texture and gloss. They are a result of the joint work with our partners Schattdecor, Surteco, Inter print, Renolit and Döllken.

Authorized partners:

Edgebanding Hranipex Ostermann Proadec Rehau Schilsner Surteco Tece
2D/3D Foil Renolit
Finish Foil Impress Interprint Surteco
Lightweight panels Pyrus Panels

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