Kronospan S.L.

Barrio de Castañares, s/n
09199 Burgos

Residential interiors with a modern look

Everyone’s home is their most personal space. The home needs to be able to suit their personal life pattern, be functional, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing to the owners so they can feel completely at ease. Kameleon design has been working on home interiors and achieved great contemporary dwellings with modern look and domestic feel. In their projects they use a wide palette of Kronodesign decors that suits their style of expression. The wood brings warmth to the home environment and is used both horizontally as kitchen worktops and furniture tops (K087 Dark Rockford Hickory) and vertically in bedrooms and living rooms (K004 Tobacco Craft Oak). The uni-decors speak to the current trend of designing interiors with solid color. To bring this personal touch to the spaces, the designer used our MDF boards for the wardrobes and lacquered them in white for greater durability and smoother surface. To bring a playful feature, accent colors were used in the children’s rooms with a combination of 5519 Lime Grass, 7113 Chilli Red and 0112 Stone Grey.

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  • Brand: Kronodesign® Kronobuild®
  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Category: Home & Living
  • Year of realization: 2018
  • Architect: Kameleon - creative interior design studio
  • Interior designer: Alicja Olech
  • Fabricator: Kameleon furniture
  • Photo credits: Michal Mlynarczyk
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